Our latest inspection took place on 1-2 December 2021 and you can view the report here.

It's fair to say we were disappointed with the overall judgement but we are delighted with all the positive content in the report that really highlights our strengths and successes. The inspection team were impressed by how much we have achieved in a relatively short time and throughout pandemic. The report recognises all the positive improvements we have made and identifies two specific areas we need to do more work on (identifying SEND needs and training for EYFS staff). These target areas meant that although we were only a whisker away, we disappointingly maintained our overall judgement of ‘requires improvement’ but, we are delighted to say that our Behaviour and Personal Development have now been judged as ‘Good’! Everyone who has read the report so far says that it sounds like the report of a ‘good’ school and there is plenty to celebrate.  Here are the highlights from the report and feedback from the inspectors during the inspection;

  • The inspectors saw no negative behaviour at all, anywhere, at anytime throughout the whole of the inspection.  Pupils were calm and orderly, they concentrated well and showed positive attitudes.

  • Our school promotes an inclusive environment and pupils are proud to be good global citizens. Pupils say they feel safe in school and know how to stay safe online. All pupils showed positive attitudes to diversity.

  • Our subject leaders are passionate and knowledgeable across the board. Our curriculum is ambitious, carefully thought out, well  structured and enables pupils to build on what they have learnt before.

  • We make sure Reading is a priority and our pupils get off to a flying start with Phonics in Reception. Pupils enjoy reading and read with accuracy and fluency.

  • Safeguarding is effective and we have rigorous systems for reporting concerns and taking swift and appropriate action.