At Luddenden CE School we want all our pupils to be proud of themselves, who they are and where they come from. We aim to nurture curiosity, independence, aspiration, civic pride and a sense of social responsibility.

During their time at this school all our children will experience a wide range of what we consider to be essential learning and life activities to enrich their education and personal development. All pupils will have the opportunity to explore and celebrate the rich heritage of our local area and have their eyes opened to the wider world.

Our curriculum at Luddenden is designed to be fun, exciting and challenging. We try to include as many school trips and hands on experiences as we can. We follow the National Curriculum for all subject areas, incorporating them into half-termly or termly topics. Most importantly, children enjoy their learning at Luddenden and make good progress. Use the links below to find out what we're up to!

We use the 3 Characteristics of Effective Learning to guide all our teaching and learning.

We ensure all our children get off to the very best start by following Development Matters in Early Years. 

Early Years

Key stage 1

Key stage 2

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Please note; all our curriculum planning documents are designed and sequenced so that pupils build the intended knowledge and skills over time. The content for each year group will remain the same however the sequence of delivery may be altered for greater effect in response to the needs, interests and experiences of individual cohorts, groups or the whole school community.