English, Reading & Phonics

Reading, and developing a love of Reading, are central to everything we do at Luddenden CE School. Our English curriculum is all built around books and we make sure that all our pupils experience the 'Power of Reading' through a rich diet of very high quality texts  We have an extensive range of books available for pupils' enjoyment and use core books to enhance the curriculum and promote pupils' personal, social,  moral, spiritual and cultural development. 

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As well as being exciting and enjoyable, our reading scheme matches and supports pupils' learning in phonics, and is fully aligned to Rocket Phonics - our DfE validated, story-based, systematic, synthetic phonics (SSP) teaching programme. 

Our reading scheme can also be accessed online so children can continue their reading journey remotely if needed. 

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Please note; all our curriculum planning documents are designed and sequenced so that pupils build the intended knowledge and skills over time. The content for each year group will remain the same however the sequence of delivery may be altered for greater effect in response to the needs, interests and experiences of individual cohorts, groups or the whole school community.